High school musical controversy in Farmington

(WXYZ) - A horror flick from the 70s has been made into a musical and some parents don't want it performed at a local high school. 

When released in 1976, Carrie sent chills through the hearts of many.  The horror flick focused on a shy girl, bullied by her classmates. 

Now, it has been adapted for the stage.  North Farmington High School is scheduled to perform the play in the spring.  Some parents are opposed, saying it sends the wrong message to kids.

Supporters argue the play is a way to start a dialog on the issue of bullying and metal health.

A spokesperson for the district says at this time there are no plans to cancel the performance. 

To read the full statements from school and district officials below:

The directors and fine arts staff at North Farmington High School evaluated musical selections that fit criteria that is used for every play production.  They then presented the play selection along with their rationale, which was accepted by the principal. 

The directors of the play, Dean and Sue Cobb, have been producing plays and musicals at North Farmington High School for more than 30 years and more than 80 shows.  While this musical is not for everyone and is rated PG-13, the Cobb’s longtime record and respect for students and families allows for the school district to place our trust in them.  We know that they will present the production in a sensible and appropriate fashion.


Susan H. Zurvalec
Farmington Public Schools


The musical Carrie provides us a fantastical lens through which to examine and spur thought about the origin and impact of bullying, the impact of mental illness, and the choices we make about how we treat each other.  The directors of the musical brought this selection forward because of the timeliness of the issues of bullying and the challenges of dealing with bullying on the individual, school, and community level.  Our hope is that this musical will invite the audience to reflect upon the events of the story in light of how we treat others and encourages them to seek to understand and empathize with others, before they consider bullying, and choose to treat each other with dignity and kindness.

As always, North Farmington is approaching this with sensitivity, support and trust in our students.

Joe Greene
North Farmington High School


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