Highland Park mayor accused of running red light, firing police officers after being pulled over

(WXYZ) - Highland Park Police officers apparently feared for their jobs after they pulled over Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom, so they took action to protect themselves. 

Now 7 Action News has obtained the secret recordings one of them made while discussing what happened with the mayor. 

To hear some of it, click the video in the player above. 

According to a memo sent by the officers to the police chief, they pulled the mayor over after seeing a Cadillac with red and blue police lights run a light. An SUV had to slam on the brakes to avoid crashing into the Cadillac. 

When they pulled the driver over, he told them he was the mayor, and was in a city vehicle.

"The driver stated that he was refusing to pull over, yet he was pulled over," said the memo.

The memo says the mayor argued with them, then told them they were fired.

Seven Action News spoke to the mayor off camera a few days ago while investigating this case. 

The mayor said it was a misunderstanding and the officers were not fired. He refused to answer questions about why he was pulled over or what lead to his being pulled over. 

He did say that he didn't think he should have been pulled over because he was in a car with an "X" on the plate, that is a city vehicle sometimes used by police.

The police officers hired an attorney to protect their jobs. He says they did nothing wrong, but the mayor may have violated the law with improper use of police lights.

7 Action News spoke to a high ranking police official in another law enforcement agency. He did not want to go on record due to the political nature of this story, but said the mayor should not be using lights on a car, and not be using lights to run a red light. 

Even police officers aren't allowed under the law to use their lights just to get through a red light. They have to be responding to an emergency  or crime.

The mayor's lawyer told 7 Action News Wednesday that the officers were never fired. He says he will look into the situation, but doesn't think the mayor did anything criminal.

The mayor's lawyer also says he doesn't think or know for sure if the mayor was doing anything wrong by activating police lights on his city car.

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