Hotel "hires" robot Botlr as associate to help deliver amenities to guest rooms

(WXYZ) - Room service could get a lot more interesting in our future thanks to a technological first in the hotel industry.

Imagine, you're sitting in your hotel room—really craving a hot fudge sundae. Then, after a simple tweet—a robot arrives at your door with your late night snack.

It's not as far fetched as it seems. A new robot recruit, affectionately named Botlr, will officially report for duty at a hotel in California on August 20.

The Botlr will be on call as a robot operative where it will be helping staff deliver amenities to guest rooms—accepting tweets as tips as it zips from floor to floor.

The robot will be able to facilitate and prioritize guest deliveries, communicate with guests and navigate through the property.

The Aloft Hotel chain will be the first to implement these bots at a location—so we'll have to see if these Botlrs catch on. 

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