House of tires in Detroit distresses neighbors

(WXYZ) - Gayle Koyton grew up on Benson Street, but the house next door has stolen her sense of security.  

"It's very scary living next to this house," said Koyton. "I don't know what is going t come out, or who is going to come out, that bothers me."

The yellow duplex has been sitting empty for years.  What used to be just an eyesore, has turned into a danger zone since people began illegally dumping tires.  Tires fill the basement, crowd the first floor and are piling up outside. 

"It's dangerous for them to dump tires in here.  If it catches fire, it will demolish the house next door," neighbor Charles Holt said.

According to online records, the house is owned by the City of Detroit.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office said a city crew will be sent out to remove the tires.

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