How did Michigan Congressional delegation vote on fiscal cliff? Metro Detroit lawmakers approve bill

(WXYZ) - Congress approved measures late Tuesday night to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff." Most Michigan representatives voted yes on the bill.

Both Senators representing Michigan - Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow - had already voted yes to the bill on Monday. Each is a Democrat.

Tuesday night, all metro Detroit area representatives in the U.S. House also voted to approve the legislation. Overall, lawmakers passed the bill with a bipartisan 257-167 vote .

"I am proud of the House members who put aside ideological differences to help hard-working American families," said Rep. John Dingell, a Democrat.

Republican Rep. Candace Miller issued a statement saying, "While this deal was not perfect, it was certainly better than the alternative which would have been a more than $500 billion tax increase on our economy in 2013 alone."



Democrats — Clarke, Y; Conyers, Y; Curson, Y; Dingell, Y; Kildee, Y; Levin, Y; Peters, Y.

Republicans — Amash, N; Benishek, Y; Camp, Y; Huizenga, N; Miller, Y; Rogers, Y; Upton, Y; Walberg, N.

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