How good is that hotel's free WiFi?

(WXYZ) - When you're looking at where to stay on vacation, free WiFi can be an appealing amenity.

But that listed amenity may not be all it's cracked up to be. 

That's why a couple of sites are taking the lead to help inform people on the reliability and speed of a hotel WiFi network before guests unpack their bags and settle in. and will let you check out hotel ratings along with their WiFi speed range and reliability.

The hope of these sites is to help hold hotels accountable to their advertisements.

Hotels can claim to have free WiFi, but sometimes pare down the bandwidth to save money-- that can restrict guests to just sending basic emails or light browsing. even lets you test the WiFi when you're staying at a hotel.  It then encourages you to publish the results on social media, helping to inform guests worldwide.

So, now before you book your next hotel room, you can make sure you're not shortchanged in the free WiFi department.

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