How to know if you need Sinus Surgery

Know if you're a candidate for Sinus Surgery

ANN ARBOR, MICH (WXYZ) - It's the time of year when often we will find our eyes are watering, nose is leaking, and throat may be itching.

No, you're not sick in the usual viral sense.
You might tell yourself it's because you're living in Michigan.

Although this may be true, it could be your sinuses acting up.
Your sinuses might be reacting to allergies.

Perhaps you think you need sinus surgery, but are not sure.
The medical team at the University of Michigan has some suggestions that you might want to consider.

Here are 5 things to think about before having sinus surgery:

First: Have your doctor do a complete assessment of your symptoms. One of the most frequent causes of sinus trouble are nasal allergies. They could be triggered by an infection of an allergic reaction. An attempt to treat these issues must be done before any surgery is considered.

Second: Some disorders are unusual. They wouldn't require surgery. A conversation with your doctor might resolve the problems after a solid evaluation of your issues.

Third: Headaches are not necessarily a reason to have sinus surgery. These might be caused by other factors.

Fourth: Even after identifying what might be your sinus issue, the doctor should undertake all medical treatment available before advising surgery.

Fifth: If you have tried medical treatment, and nothing has worked, then perhaps surgery may be the answer.

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