Hundreds fill Detroit church to honor Dr. Martin Luther King

(WXYZ) - Hundreds filled Central United Methodist Church in downtown Detroit to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.

Among those celebrating Dr. King's life was Dorothy Aldridge. She got involved in the civil rights movement while she was in her twenties and got to know Rosa Parks.

Aldridge called Parks her mentor. She felt grateful to be a part of history.

"To celebrate 50 years of knowing Mrs. Parks is wonderful," said Aldridge.  "And Detroit's part in the civil rights movement… we've always for many years been in the forefront."

The church was packed with people of all ages. Some who took part in the movement reflected on Dr. King's famous "I Have A Dream" speech, like Aldridge.

To Aldridge, it is amazing to see how far the nation has come from the 60s to 2013.

"We've struggled and made things better for ourselves and for other people because the civil rights movement liberated women, black and white and you know other races," said Aldridge.

Central United Methodist Church is a part of history as well. Dr. King spoke from the pulpit numerous times.

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