Hundreds of Michigan kids denied preschool because of budget cuts

(WXYZ) - Federal budget cuts are blamed for tens of thousands of kids being denied preschool this fall.

A new report from the Administration for Children and Families found the impact of the sequester forced Head Start programs to deny enrollment to 51,299 children. Early Head Start programs also denied enrollment to 5,966 toddlers.

According to the report, 2,204 children in Michigan were cut from Head Start programs because of budget cuts, the seventh highest state total in the country.

California saw the largest number of kids cut from Head Start programs, a total of 5,611.

The sequester led to the biggest cuts in the history of the Head Start program.

Many programs were forced to end the school year early last summer. Others will start the school year later this fall to cut down on costs.

According to the report, cuts to the Head Start program have also led leaders to eliminate or reduce salaries of 18,000 employees.

Head Start programs provide early childhood education, day care and free meals for nearly one million children from low-income families.

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