Hunt for young arsonists who torched a school bus in Redford Township

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mirrors melted, windows shattered and seats were torched down to their frames, after arsonists targeted a school bus in Redford Township.
Redford Police are hunting for a pair of young arsonists and still calculating the staggering cost of the attack.

"Replacement value on that style of bus is around $100,000," said Sgt. Kevin Crittenden.

He says police are searching for two teenagers who were seen running from a lot Wednesday night.

People in the neighborhood are fuming, saying things like "It makes me mad, it makes me really mad"  and "You got to be kidding me. What the heck is wrong with people nowadays.”

Police say two school districts are paying the price for this attack. Buses from the lot near 5 Mile and Garfield service Redford Union and south Redford school districts.

"It's probably stupid kids. Get a job or something. That's what I'm going to do right now is work," says Bob Wyss.

But, being stupid won’t save the arsonists from police and possible felony charges.

"They did flee on foot in this area so we believe they are from this area," says Sgt. Crittenden.

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