Ice rescued dog reunites with owner

ROMEO, Mich. (WXYZ) - After days in the frigid cold, after an icy rescue from the U.S. Coast Guard, a frostbitten dog is reunited with his owner.

Jodi Benchich spent 10 days wondering if she'd ever see her her dog KC after he went outside and somehow got away from his leash.

"Found that the rope was broke," said Benchich, "And I just dropped everything and went searching."

The 14-year-old pup went from his St. Clair Shores home to the icy surface of Lake St. Clair, where the U.S. Coast Guard spotted KC in some brutal conditions and made the rescue."

"I owe the Coast Guard guys a lot." said Benchich, "It's amazing that they'll stop to even help an animal."

"Everything at this point, we don't see any irreversible damage." said Dr Keith Burge with Wilson Veterinary Hospital, where KC is being treated for frostbite. "He's definitely got some problems that just need supportive care, antibiotics, keep him comfortable. Get him some food so we could keep some weight back on.

KC lost about 30 pounds since he went missing more than a week ago. But vets say with care and lots of rest, he should make a full recovery.

"To see his tail wag, and to see him smiling and happy was a very rewarding feeling," said Michelle Hayza with A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue, who is paying for all of KC's medical costs related to he incident, "And this is what it's all about. This is what animal rescue is all about."

"I'm just happy he's here." said Benchich, "That's the only thing I can say."


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