Illegal dumping in Detroit park causes concern

(WXYZ) - Residents hope to put a stop to the growing piles of trash ruining a beloved park.

Just the amount of glass at the park poses an immediate risk, but beyond the usual trash, we looked a little closer and found some pretty out of place medical supplies.

 "Oh you will see children out here playing all day long, riding bikes, playing baseball, different sports," said William Smith, a longtime Detroit resident.

Just south of 8 Mile and Ohio Street, William Smith remembers a childhood park once full of life. Today, the parking lot near Joe Louis Playfield has become an unofficial dumping ground.

"People come by and they dump and nobody ever sees them, and they leave it out here. And the kids really can't come out here and play or do anything," said Smith.

"We have a pride about our community, and this certainly doesn't represent the pride we have in our community," said Debra Hall-Turner, who is concerned with trash and public safety.

More than just the unsightly nature of trash, Debra Hall-Turner noticed biomedical supplies in the pile.

So, we looked a little closer with Debra and found they were surgical screws.

Debra has called the police, the fire department, even Mayor Dave Bing's office, but still no word from Detroit's officials on who should be cleaning it up.

"I'm concerned about us as community folks going in that because we don't know what's in there," said Debra.

If Joe Louis Playfield ever has a fighting chance of being what it once was, residents say it's time to have a serious discussion about cleanup.

"I'm an old public health nurse. Some kid going here is going to get cut or whatever, there's no telling," said Debra.


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