Immigration debate boils over in small Michigan city

The illegal immigration debate--now centered on a small rural city, nearly two hours outside Detroit.

For the last several days, protestors from all across Michigan, have decended on Vassar city hall and a local human services center there, after it announced plans to foster more than 100 undocumented children. The majority, without parents.

Its called "refugee resettlement"--but opponents say--it’s unlawful.

"Our law says you must come to our country legally. I love these people and I have compassion for them, but we do not need them here taking our services," said one unidentified protestor.

The plan would be for those children to stay a month or so until reunited with family. Then another group of children or teens would arrive. The protestors however, will have none of it.

"We the people, are standing up saying--enough is enough--we are not gonna let it happen," said one.

So, who is the mastermind behind the protests? The Investigators found her: Tamyra Murray.

She is with Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement.

She told us, her group has picture evidence that shows the children are not harmless. She says they are teens, some with gang affiliations, and they "should have to go through the same process for security reasons, that the legal people do when they come here," she says.

There are those with other opinions.

"The most important thing is that we think about what these kids need--and do our best as a society to take care of them within the system that exists," said one man on the other side of the debate.

Wolverine Human Services, the facility that would take in the children, recently held a town hall to calm nerves.

Derrick McCree with Wolverine said, "We cant make everyone happy---but if we do get permission to move forward with this project--then our intentions are to do so."

The Investigators did talk with the city manager in Vassar, who says the city is taking no sides in this debate.

He also mentioned, the organizer of the protests, is not a city resident.







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