Indictment in Death of Border Agent

Justice Department Indicts in Agent Death

TUCSON, ARIZ. - It's been 5 months, but the Justice Department has now made a formal indictment in the death of a local man who was a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

It was in December that a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, by the name of Brian Terry with local ties in Michigan was killed in a shootout in Arizona near the border of Mexico.

Charges have been made against Manuel Osorio-Arellanes of Mexico and others whose identities are being withheld at this time until the indictment is unsealed.

But, Osorio-Arellanes was arraigned before a U.S. District Court Magistrate in Tucson, Arizona, and his trial will be June 17th. in Tuscon.

Osorio-Arellanes and the co-defendants are facing charges of weapons and conspiracy and second degree murder.

Agent Terry grew up in the downriver area. He was a police officer in Ecorse and Lincoln Park before becoming a border agent in 2007.

The indictment says that Osorio-Arellanes and his band of illegal aliens got into a gunfight with Agent Terry and other border agents near Rico, Rico, Arizona. Agent Terry was shot and killed in that battle. Osorio-Arellanes, on the other hand, was wounded but survived and has been held in federal custody while recuperating from his injuries. But, the man who killed Terry is still being sought.

U.S. Attorney David Burke has praise for the downed officer saying, "Agent Terry, who served his country honorably as both a Marine and a member of the Border Patrol, made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the people of the United States. His family deserves to see justice served, and everybody involved in this investigation is deeply committed to making that happen."


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