Dearborn's Ahmad Jebril, influential spiritual leader of Islamic militant extremists

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - He's got more than 25,000 followers on Twitter. He's a hit on Facebook. And you can find him on YouTube.

He is Ahmad Jebril; a Dearborn man; in his 40's.
As The Investigators would learn, he is a mysterious character, with a checkered past. One that has gotten the attention of not only the US Government, but watchdog groups worldwide.
Jebril grew up in Metro Detroit, childhood friends told us his large family was prominent in local mosques.
Both Jebril and his father are clerics, but that's not the only thing they have in common.
In 2003, both were indicted on federal charges ranging from identity fraud to money laundering. They would later add an elaborate plot to bribe a juror on the future trial.
Around the same time, the Jebril home in Dearborn was raided.
A neighbor across the street says she remembers that day.
"It might have been the first year I was here," the woman said. "I [saw] federal agents over there and cops." When asked if she knew what they were there for, she replied, "No, they never said anything."
Sentenced in 2005, Ahmad Jebril served more than six years in federal prison.
Since his release, Jebril has been considered one of the most influential spiritual leaders of Islamic militant extremists.
Specifically, in Syria. Reaching his followers through those social media accounts.
The London based International Centre for the study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, studied Jebril, and said in a report, he does not openly incite his followers to violence, but he is a cheerleader for foreign fighters motivated by Islam. Many of his followers are said to be affiliated with groups that have had ties to Al-Qaeda.
The report also cited a U.S. Government memo released during Jebril's trial, which highlighted a radical website Jebril ran which the feds say contained a library of fanatically anti-American sermons by militant Islamic clerics.
His views were deemed so extreme by some in Dearborn, he was kicked out of two mosques, according to the report.
Following a violation of his parole, in which he reportedly lied about his whereabouts, last month a federal judge imposed travel and social media restrictions on Jebril, allowing stricter monitoring.
However, Jebril is still active on social media, posting his views almost daily.
Jebril's lawyer is appealing the restrictions.
When called, she declined an interview, and would not make Jebril available for comment.
When we went to Jebril's last known address, The Investigators were met with a man who angrily claimed Jebril did not live there.
However, neighbors say they saw him at the home within the last week or so.
Jebril's probation calls for him to be continuously monitored and he can’t leave Metro Detroit. As the federal government, continues to keep a watchful eye.
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