INVESTIGATION: Why so many speed traps? Scott Lewis follows the money

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators dig deeper into an issue that's been a real sore spot with a lot of folks. We're talking about speed traps, a subject that brings in tons of complaints from Channel 7 viewers.

The National Motorists Association, a group that represents the driving public, says Metro Detroit is one of the worst places in the nation for speed traps. We're talking about areas where the speed limit is artificially low, or suddenly drops and police aggressively write tickets.

The question is; are they doing this to keep us safe on the road, or to raise revenue?

Tuesday night at 11, 7 Action News Investigator Scott Lewis follows the money trail to see where revenue from traffic tickets goes. You might be surprised to see where some of it ends up and why it might be a direct financial incentive for police to write tickets.

We put some tough questions to a suburban police chief who says it's not all about the money and there are good reasons to strictly enforce speed limits.

We also talk to a retired police officer, Kurt Skarjune, who is on a mission. He says he knows how to put an end to speed traps once and for all, and he wants you to push your state lawmakers to take action.                   

And you'll see what happens when we turn the tables and put a speed gun on a radar cop to see whether he is following the same law he's enforcing as he returns to his hiding spot at a speed trap.

Check out a couple of links with more information on speed traps; an interactive map where you can click on an icon to see the location of a speed trap and a website set up by that retired police officer pushing for ticket revenue reform.

Share your speed trap stories with us now,  then come to 7 Action News Tuesday at 11 p.m. for our full investigation.


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