Is "Carrie" too violent for a high school musical performance?

(WXYZ) - A controversial curtain call at North Farmington High School where students are performing the musical "Carrie."

It's based on Stephen King's horror novel revolving around a teenage girl who is severely bullied by classmates.  To get revenge on the classmates, a mass murder takes place in a high school gymnasium.

Some people believe this is much too violent for high school students to perform.

The school decided to go through with "Carrie" because they say the stage version has been re-written and it sends a strong message against bullying.

Principal Joe Greene says he thinks the students will turn this performance into an overall positive experience that people can learn from.

Those involved with the musical are wearing wristbands with a question reading, "what does it cost to be kind?"

Performances of "Carrie" run through Saturday night.

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