Is feeding dogs ice cubes dangerous for their health?

(WXYZ) - An article has been popping up on social media pages recently warning not to feed dogs ice cubes.

It's titled "No Ice Water for Dogs: Please Read ASAP."

The article tells the story of a dog who was given ice water and who nearly died afterward from "bloat".

While veterinarians say "bloat" is a real condition that can cause a dog's stomach to grow to a dangerous size, they say the article that's been going around is false.

"Bloat" can only be caused by ice cubes in extreme situations, says Randall Carpenter from DVM Family Friends Veterinary Hospital.

"If the dog is overheated and dehydrated, and desperate for fluids and they consume huge, huge amounts of ice cubes or water all at one time, and if that were to occur, it could create a situation where the dog could bloat," Carpenter says.

Giving your dog ice cubes and ice water in moderation is fine, he says. Just use common sense.

Carpenter also says the article that's going viral has been around since at least 2007 and is now making a comeback.

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