Is flood insurance worth the money?

(WXYZ) - Roger Vogel is among the thousands of people still trying to dry out from Monday's flooding, but he's feeling fortunate that he purchased insurance a few years ago after his basement flooded.

"My agent sold me drain back up insurance. They cover the flooring, furnace .. things like that," he says.

Other homeowners, like Monica Gough, are stressing out because they don't have any protection.

"I don't have anything. My insurance agent said we do offer we do offer back up sewage
insurance, but I didn't know that," she says.

She has a basement full of her family's possessions that will most likely end up in the trash.

"Everything's gotta be replaced," she says.

Kathy Hix is an agent with Farmer's Insurance. She says her agency has been inundated with calls.

"If you have back up of sewer drain endorsement then you're covered," says Hix.

She adds that flood insurance doesn't apply in this situation because that offers protection if the river or lake crested and that did not happen during Monday's flooding. The damage was a result of a back up through the sewer and drain.

Gough says she will consider getting that insurance in the future, but for now she's just wondering what to do next.

"I don't know where the money's going to come from. I don't have the money," she says.

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