Soil test results come back negative for human remains in Roseville dig

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (AP) - Authorities say the soil samples taken from beneath a Roseville driveway have tested negative for human remains.

A tipster told police that former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa was buried there.

On Monday, two experts at Michigan State University examined soil samples removed from under a driveway in Roseville in the latest effort to find Hoffa. He was last seen in 1975 outside a restaurant in Oakland County.

Roseville police issued this statement about the results:

"Our department just received the soil sample report from Michigan State University, after a battery of tests; the samples submitted for examination showed no signs of human decomposition. As a result of these tests the Roseville Police Department will be concluding there investigation into the possible interment of a human body upon the property. "

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