The "mitten state" battle: Michigan vs. Wisconsin

(WXYZ) - It's a story that will have Michiganders saying, "not so fast."

Michigan is known to many as "The Great Lakes State" or "The Wolverine State."

But, it's the "mitten" nickname that's stirring up all sorts of controversy among Michigan residents. Let's face it, everyone has put up their hand a time or two to show where exactly it is they live in Michigan.

Now, a neighboring state is trying to claim they are the "mitten" state, by using it in their winter tourism campaign.

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism is using a knit mitten to resemble its state. The new campaign went into effect at the beginning of December. 

What are your thoughts?

Should Wisconsin stick to "The Badger State" and "The Cheese State" as nicknames? Or should we lend them our mitten?

Leave your comments below.

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