Is your vehicle up to code? New online tool can tell you if your car has any safety defects

(WXYZ) - There has been a lot of vehicle recalls over the years--and it's hard to keep up. 

But, now, a new online tool will instantly let you know if your car is up to code. The tool is on and it can quickly tell you if there are any safety defects with your vehicle.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has unveiled the free tool to help consumers find out if their vehicle is impacted by an uncompleted recall.

All major light vehicle and motorcycle brands can be searched. Consumers just need to enter their vehicle identification number.‚Äč

Administrators hope to give consumers peace of mind knowing that their vehicle or the one they are considering buying is free of defects.

In addition to the search option on , under a new mandate from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, most vehicle manufacturers are now required to provide a VIN search option for recalls on their own websites.

To read more about the NHTSA's announcement, go HERE.  

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