"It's a great feeling to be alive!" says man 17 days after being rescued from porch roof collapse

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "I'm talking about crushed," says 52-year-old Richard Williams about the moment a porch roof collapsed on top of him and left him feeling like his body was in the shape of a "pretzel."

"I talked to God when I was in all that rubble and I said 'Richard, you done did a lot of stuff in your lifetime, but today you about to meet your maker'.. and I thought for sure that was my last time here on earth," said Williams who was allegedly yanking down metal gutter to scrap when the porch roof fell almost directly on top of him.

Williams agreed to meet with Action News as he was leaving the DMC Rehabilitation Institute Thursday. And the man many thought might not stand on his own two feet again, if he even survived, slowly walked out of the DMC facility with only the use of a walker.

"It's a great feeling to be alive. Jesus Christ is the only reason you see me walking and standing here today," said Williams who was eager to meet the men who rescued him at the scene of the roof collapse on Pasadena on Detroit's west side after the men could not get transportation to the hospital.

"I want to meet them so bad," said Williams. "Those guys actually saved my life."

But then Williams, citing various reasons, changed his mind on meeting anyone, including Supreem Shabazz, the man who heard his cries for help that day and summoned four others to help lift the roof off of Williams, pull him to safety and call 911.

"I just want to tell him that I'm glad to see he's still among the living, and don't take anymore three dollar chances for a trillion dollar life that you got," said Shabazz. "It ain't worth it."

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