"It's So Cold in the D" rapper talks about the weather in Detroit , sings duet with Tara Edwards

(WXYZ) - It's so cold in the D!  Temperatures in the teens had many staying in doors New Year's Day.

So, we caught up with Detroit-based rapper T-Baby (Latonya Miles) whose YouTube hit "It's So Cold in the D" took off after being featured on "Beavis and Butt-Head" in 2011.

Her song, posted on YouTube in 2008 went viral shortly after.   So far, it has close to 7,000,000 views.

7 Action News spoke to T-Baby about the frigid weather.

"It's just got colder," said T-Baby, laughing.

She now has an internet show called T-Baby's Real Talk talk show.

According to T-Baby, she was flown out to Atlanta by The Ricky Smiley Morning Show to do a music video with T-Pain and other artists.

The aspiring artist has some future projects, too.

"I'm advertising my own cologne-- it's called 'It's So Cold in the D By T-Baby'," said T-Baby. "It will be at Macy's real soon."

She also explained the true meaning behind her song.

"Life is cold, the world colder," said T-Baby.  "Killing and stealing is cold. People's hearts, minds, and thoughts are cold."

This New Year's Day, however, was literally just a very cold day.

7 Action News did spot some people shoveling their driveways in Southfield and several kids sledding in Royal Oak.

T-Baby was kind enough of to step outside and brave the elements to teach her song 7 Action New reporter Tara Edwards.


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