James Craig's first day as Detroit police chief is Monday, residents hope for change

(WXYZ) - On the eve of James Craig's first day as police chief, many in the city hope the transition brings a wave of change.

Certainly, what residents hope Chief Craig can bring is a faster responding department. 

The only eyes watching Oscar Hair Salon overnight are surveillance cameras and they got a good look at one criminal breaking in, stealing a television, shaving gels, and cash.

The problem is the barber shop owner wanted Detroit Police to take a good look, too--but they never came.

"I'm not from here, and I'm not familiar with the rules," says the barber shop owner.

Fearing retribution, he doesn't want to be identified, but says it's the second time in three days his shop has been broken into. And he's still waiting for Detroit police to show up.

"I wait like three hours, nobody shows up, so I had to leave because it was late. Then I came in the morning, and I call the police, they said ‘we don't have enough people to send to you.'"

The barber shop owner says with a new police chief on the horizon, it's time now to change the way Detroit's bad guys think about crime.

"They already know what's up and what they're gonna get. That's why they keep doing it. So that means they don't really care about police. They don't care about the government. They know what's up."

Chief Craig has said his first priority is lowering Detroit's crime rate -- and he says that does not happen without raising the morale of his officers.

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