Jane Bashara's mother files police report, says she is afraid for her safety

(WXYZ) - A police report was filed this week by Lorraine Engelbrecht, mother of murder victim Jane Bashara.

Engelbrecht tells investigators she called her son-in-law Bob Bashara on Saturday, one day after he appeared on national television talking about the case.

She says she is in fear of him because she believes his character has changed.

She says she called him and told him to stop dragging her daughter's name through the mud and to not bring her down to this level.

She then hung up the phone.

Then she tells police Bob called back twice to plead his innocence.

She tells investigators he sounded aloof, and while he didn't make any threatening statements, he still scared her.

Engelbrecht says she thinks Bob has changed mentally and may be unstable enough to harm her.

This is the latest twist in the high-profile saga that began in January when Jane Bashara was found murdered in her SUV on Detroit's east side.

Bashara's ex-mistress Rachel Gillett recently filed a personal protection order against Bob claiming she was afraid for her life as well.

Bob Bashara has not been charged in the case, but is considered a person of interest.

Joseph Gentz, Bashara's former handyman, has been charged with murder and conspiracy in connection with Jane Bashara's death.

David Griem, Bob Bashara's attorney, says Mrs. Engelbrecht initiated the phone contact and Bob was just trying to calm her down.

He says Mrs. Engelbrecht has nothing to worry about.

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