Jerry the Bear can help kids manage type 1 diabetes

(WXYZ) -  Getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child can be a very scary thing.

But, now, a high tech teddy bear is hoping to educate children and show them that their chronic condition can be manageable. He’s fuzzy, he’s cuddly—and Jerry the Bear can help teach your child how to manage their type 1 diabetes.

Children can feed Jerry food, check his blood sugar level and even give him insulin.

The team behind Jerry the Bear says the cuddly plush is a best friend for children who have been newly diagnosed with type one diabetes, helping them become experts on their medical procedures.

Kids can take care of Jerry by swiping food cards over his mouth to feed him, squeezing his fingers to check his blood sugar level and giving him insulin with a pen or pump on the bear’s screen.

Jerry also comes with animated storybooks to help teach kids how to meal plan, do sick day management and rotate injection sites.

The creators are currently raising funds on Indiegogo to market the bear, they’ve also teamed up with non-profit organizations to help get Jerry into the hands of kids who need him.,

The team writes on their crowdfunding page that they are hoping to create similar technologies for all children with a chronic illness.

To read more about Jerry the Bear, go HERE.

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