Jobs on the line for school teachers in Pontiac

(WXYZ) - Jobs are on the line for school teachers in Pontiac. 

Many will be getting lay off notices as the district requests a $10 million emergency loan from the state.

"Tonight I am calling 63 teachers to let them know they will be getting a lay off notice," said Aimee McKeever with the Pontiac teacher's union. 

McKeever says a storm is brewing that threatens not only the jobs of Pontiac school teachers, but also students' quality of education. She says the State of Michigan is to blame.

"They are not funding public schools adequately. This governor and the current leaders have taken over a billion dollars away from public schools," said McKeever. 

As part of an October consent agreement with the state to get a $10 million emergency loan, Pontiac Schools has to do some major house cleaning.

McKeever says the state blames teachers for not making annual yearly progress when it comes to students' grades, but she says lack of resources is the problem and that the $10 million won't solve everything. 

Some teachers may still get their jobs back. Other positions may be filled with other hires based on teachers performance evaluations.

"Potentially there could be some call backs from a recall list of some of these teachers," said McKeever. 

The 7 Action News team has reached out to the governor's office for response to this story. 

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