John Skelton questions wife at divorce hearing

Skelton in court again Wednesday

(WXYZ) - The mother of three missing boys from Morenci was forced to take the stand and answer questions from her estranged husband during their divorce hearing on Tuesday.


Tanya Skelton was seeking a divorce from John Skelton, the man at the center of a murder investigation involving his three missing sons, Tanner, Alexander and Andrew.

The sons, only 9, 7 and 5 have been missing since Thanksgiving Day.

In court Tuesday Skelton, acting as his own attorney, asked Tanya on the witness stand if she believed the boys were safe and still alive. Tanya said she did not believe they were safe because the brothers are not with either of their parents.

John also asked whether Tanya believed he knew the location of their sons. Tanya said she does indeed believe John knows where they are hidden.

The judge in the case interrupted John several times, telling him that some of his questions were inappropriate.

During the proceeding it appeared that Tanya did not make eye contact with John.

The judge finalized the divorce and awarded custody of the children to Tanya.

John will be in court Wednesday in Adrian for his arraignment on kidnapping charges in connection with his missing boys. He is being held on 30-million dollars bond at the Lenawee County Jail.

Last week John waived his rights to a preliminary examination.

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