Join us in celebrating the legendary career of Diana Lewis by sharing your comments!

(WXYZ) - Wow! After the big announcement that our own Diana Lewis is retiring comments started flooding our Facebook page and Twitter stream.

So many people are saying such wonderful things and wishing her the best on retirement.

Please join us as we celebrate Diana's legendary career. We may feature your comments in this article or on air! Below are some featured posts:


Glenda Lewis - Mother's Day 2004... I sat beside Mom on the Anchor Desk and we made history. Working beside you mom has made so many monumental moments in my life. Seeing your face in the newsroom everyday has been the Action News fuel for many of us. I am so proud and so happy for your retirement... My Mother, my bestfriend, my colleague, my rock. My everything. I love you!

Donna L. Lewis - Words can not express the pride,joy and shear excitement I feel right now!!!:-). I love you mommy, and over the moon that our family has been able to watch your celebrated years in an Industry that you love. I was 2 when I first had to understand the concept of sharing my Mother with millions of viewers. Now my lovely sister Glenda carries our family torch in television and continue to shine through the years . This is a joyous time fir our family and I feel so blessed we are all here and enjoying it together :-))))

Kevin Konesky - Happy retirement Diana Lewis. I'm going to miss seeing you on tv. After watching for so many years I feel like I know you. It's great that your daughter is carrying on your legacy. God Bless you and your family.

Anna Gregory - She will be very missed. Also, she is just so beautiful and hasn't changed at all. Enjoy retirement Diana

Jodie Williams - :( , She is one of my favorites , I grew up watching her !!! I love ya!!! Have a happy retirement!!! I'm sure you will stay busy!

Pamela Cullen Matteson - First reporter I saw when moving to Michigan. She is a true icon.

Angie Cossin - We are really going to miss Diana Lewis..She is OUTSTANDING!!! Look forward every day for her news coverage♥ WE WILL TRULY MISS YOU DIANA♥ Wishing you Happiness & Good Health Always♥

Karen Ivanac Carty - Diana, thank you for the class act that you are! Metro Detroit will miss seeing you every day, but I'm sure everyone wishes you a long and happy retirement. You've earned it!

Sandra Dianne Coles Elliott-Battle - Will miss you ...I remember when you first came to channel 7 ... you were beautiful and still just as beautiful !! Please enjoy your well deserved retirement !!!!! God Bless

Deborah M Wojciechowski-Hurren - Hi Diana: When I was young, I watched you on TV with my parents, that was over 30 years ago. It's sad to see you go because you have been a staple in my life for news and information, as well as all you do in the community! Now I watch you with my daughter. :). I wish you a wonderful retirement as it is much deserved and thank you for all that you have done for us here in Detroit and in the community! Best wishes! Deb Hurren and Family

Tricia Couvillon All the best to you Beautiful, Sweet Lady. You are truly an inspiration to your community. You will be missed, but ALWAYS will be appreciated to the love and devotion you gave to your career and your audience. We will let you retire lol, but dont ever forget we are waiting to hear about your next journey! ♥

Cheryl Bayley - Thank you for all the years of your brilliant reporting Diana. You're a classy, beautiful talented woman and you will be missed. God Bless you and may you enjoy a long healthy retirement! :)

Julie Porter Walters - Congrats on your retirement. You always did an outstanding, professional job! You will be missed!


@TheoKeith  - Sad to read the iconic Diana Lewis is leaving the @wxyzdetroit anchor desk. I've admired her professionalism from afar.

@MikeHuckman - Diana Lewis,my fmr colleague & friend is retiring.1 of nicest, most supportive, inspiring ppl I know

@galateiaW - Diana Lewis' retirement from @wxyzdetroit is bittersweet. I hope she fully enjoys herself but she'll be missed for sure. Congratulations!

@TomOrr4 - Honestly 1 of the sweetest people alive.

@FutureIconKP - Wow can't believe Diana Lewis is retiring from @wxyzdetroit! When I was an intern, she was always so humble and sweet!!!

@bonschmick A true broadcasting legend!

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