Joseph Gentz arraigned in the murder of Jane Bashara

(WXYZ) - Joseph Gentz has been arraigned on murder charges in connection with the death of Jane Bashara.

Gentz was arraigned in 36th District Court in Detroit.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Joe Gentz with First Degree Murder and Conspiracy to commit murder.

The warrant charging Gentz with Conspiracy says that he "unlawfully conspired with another known individual to commit murder - 1st degree premeditated." However, it does not name the second individual.

The document also names two places where elements of the crime took place. An address on Annot in Detroit and the Bashara home. Annot is very close to the intersection of Pinewood and Bradford where Jane Bashara's car was found.

"We have issued these charges today on Mr. Gentz, but the investigation continues," said Worthy. This case is neither cold nor closed. At the appropriate time further information will released."

Gentz's attorney, Susan Reed, requested a competency evaluation for her client.

A preliminary examination is scheduled for March 16. The prelim could be adjourned at that time if a competency evaluation has not been completed by then.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's office says no other charges are expected today.

Police took handyman Joseph Gentz into custody Friday. Deputies were waiting for him as soon as he came off the elevator in Macomb County Circuit Court where he was appearing for an unrelated child custody case.

Sources tell 7 Action News, Gentz walked into the courtroom on his own and was not arrested on a murder warrant but rather a warrant for probable cause.

Channel 7 Legal Analyst Tom Cranmer says the arrest may have something to do with forensic evidence taken from the Bashara garage.

Gentz originally told police he killed Jane Bashara while her husband, Bob Bashara held a gun to his head.

Bob Bashara has been a person of interest since the beginning of the investigation. Bashara's attorney, David Griem speculates prosecutors may be working with Gentz in hopes of getting him to testify against Bashara.

Bashara maintains his innocence and says he is relived Joseph Gentz is off the street.

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