Judge rules Mike Duggan can be a write-in candidate in Detroit mayoral race

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Wayne County Circuit Court judge has rejected a motion that would keep Mike Duggan from being a write-in candidate in the Detroit mayoral race.

Mayoral candidate Tom Barrow and community activist Robert Davis had filed a temporary restraining order against Duggan, hoping to keep him from continuing his campaign.

Judge Lita Popke ruled in favor of Duggan saying even though previous ruling kept him from being on the ballot as an official candidate, he did meet the qualifications to be a write-in candidate.

Two courts had previously ruled against Duggan, saying he didn't meet strict residency requirements in order to have his name printed on the official ballot.

Barrow had also hoped the judge would prevent Duggan from distributing educational ballots. His attorney says the material closely resembles an official ballot, which would be illegal.

Judge Popke rejected that argument, saying the literature, which included an internet image and poster board, did not violate the law.

The primary will be held on August 6.

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