Jurors watch Pyne interrogation video

(WXYZ) - Jurors deciding the fate of Jeffrey Pyne Thursday heard testimony that cuts both ways, for and against the young man on trial for the murder of his own mother.

Eleven women and four men are on the jury. Three of them will be dismissed as alternates before deliberations begin.

They also saw a video that showed the defendant Jeff Pyne being interviewed by investigators, trying to make Jeff feel comfortable to discuss if he had anything to do with his mother's murder.

Ruth Pyne was found beaten and stabbed to death in the garage of their Highland Township home in May of last year.

The main witness on Thursday was Detective Sergeant Dave Hendrick who was among the investigators who interviewed 22-year-old Jeff Pyne the night after his mother was killed.  

Hendrick told the jury Jeff never asked about his mother.  But he also admitted under defense cross examination they did not find any murder weapons and that Jeff Pyne did not confess.

The trial will continue with a full day of testimony on Friday in Oakland County Circuit Court.

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