Jury deliberates in Pyne trial

(WXYZ) - Just one hour into jury deliberations in the case of the young man charged with killing his own mother, the jury requested to see crime scene pictures and other evidence.

The attorneys on both sides agreed to provide all photos and evidence to the jury.

Jeff Pyne, 21, faces up to life in prison if convicted of killing 51-year-old Ruth Pyne. She was found beaten and stabbed in the garage of the family home in Highland Township in May of last year.

Ruth was bipolar and had a history of attacking her son and a younger daughter when she was off her medication.

In closing statements to the jury Friday morning, Defense Attorney Jim Champion explained why he did not put on any defense witnesses. He says the prosecution failed to prove the circumstantial case beyond a reasonable doubt.

He also said he was not going to let Jeff be cross-examined by a veteran, 30-year prosecutor who was "licking his chops." But that prosecutor John Skrzynski told the jury that Jeff Pyne knew no one would be home when he killed his mother, he got rid of the murder weapon, and he lied about where he was.

Jeff told police he was planting flowers at a neighbor's house. But that neighbor testified he had done that job a few days before.

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Leo Bowman added a charge of Second Degree Murder to the options for the jury in addition to First Degree Murder and not guilty.

Bernie Pyne says he supports his son and hopes Jeff will be home for Christmas.

"I know my son would never hurt his mother," said Bernie. "There is no doubt in my mind and I believe the jury will see that too. Jeffrey is very close to his 12-year-old sister and our prayer is he will be home for Christmas."

The jury will resume deliberations on Monday.



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