Jury selection Tuesday for Novi man accused of killing wife and kids

(WXYZ) - One year ago, the FBI brought accused killer Lakshminivasa Nerusu back to metro Detroit.

Nerusu had fled to India after Novi Police say he slit his wife's throat and killed his son and daughter in the same gruesome fashion at their home back in October of 2008.
Former FBI Assistant Director Dan Roberts spent years overseeing the bureau's fugitive program and ranks this crime among the top of the list.

"It has to be something serious beyond a burglary or theft to warrant this type of extradition. Certainly a murder of this nature does," says Roberts.

The 46-year-old computer programmer has been locked up at the Oakland County Jail for the past year. On Tuesday, a jury will be picked and then Thursday could bring opening statements.
In a surprising twist, the defense attorney for Nerusu tells Action News by phone that his client is claiming he was temporarily insane at the time of the crime.

 Some psychiatrists who examined him claim there's no evidence of that.

Nerusu is charged with three counts of  First Degree Murder and faces life in prison for his alleged crimes. After personally overseeing thousands of criminal prosecutions, Roberts says a defense of insanity won't hold much water without a psychiatric evaluation to back it up.

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