Justly Johnson speaks from prison

For 12 years, Justly Johnson has been fighting to get his story out. Now you can hear, in Johnson's own words, why he thinks he deserves a shot at freedom. After a couple months of studying this murder case, I decided it was time for a face-to-face meeting with Justly Johnson.

The Michigan Department of Corrections doesn't allow TV cameras in prisons. So, I went there with a notebook and a pen, and sat down with Johnson in a family visiting room. Before I was allowed in, I had to go through a criminal background check and be thoroughly searched.

I sat with Johnson for two hours and he told me every detail of what happened the night Lisa Kindred was murdered. His story was consistent with what he told the police that night, but had much more detail than his statement in the police file.

After I had finished researching and writing this story, prison officials agreed to give me 15 minutes to record an interview with Johnson over the phone.

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