Kickstarter crowdfunding site reaches milestone

(WXYZ) - Kickstarter is a popular crowd funding platform for creative projects--and this month, they hit a major milestone. 

Since its launch in 2009, over $1 billion has been pledged on Kickstarter helping bring imaginative projects to life through the support of others.

From films to music to art and technology--you name it and the type of project has more than likely been funded on the site.

The concept is simple, someone launches a project to share with the community. Every project creator has a funding goal and deadline. If people like the project they donate money toward it. The backers are only charged if the fundraising goal is met.

Kickstarter says more than 5 million people from nearly 230 countries have backed a project on their site--and that more than 50 thousand projects have been successfully funded.

Some of the biggest contributors to Kickstarter projects say they are happy to give to something they believe in because it makes them feel like they're pushing a technological innovation forward or helping the community.

Kickstarter really is a neat place to look around. Check out the current projects on the site here:

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