Kids buying drugs online on 'Dark Net'

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News team is  taking action for all parents--exposing the new place where some kids are buying drugs.

It's the dark net. It is a way for criminals to buy anything illegal online. Youtube videos show you how to access special sites that are harder than typical sites to trace.

One of the sites is Silk Road. If you know how to find it - you can buy everything from hard core drugs to machine guns there.

It is something one mom says more and more teenagers are finding—including her son.

"He's like, I'm just going to check the mail, I'm just going to check the mail.  You know, he doesn't typically want to check the mail all the time," said the mother. 

The mom became suspicious when her son became obsessed with the mail.

So when a package came for him –  she grabbed it.

It looked like a DVD, but instead inside she found a package of white crystals.

She took her 14-year-old son to police.  They told her that her son had ordered ecstasy .

 Police questioned the teen and he admitted he's been buying drugs on the Dark Net.


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