L. Brooks Patterson apologizes for Hitler reference

(WXYZ) - Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has never been one to hold back--and he didn't during a recent taping of the public television show "Off the Record."

"Adolfo Bolger, you mean--he's really become very arrogant," said L. Brooks about speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives Jase Bolger.

The long-time politician is upset with Bolger over his handling of no-fault insurance reforms.

"I think he is embarrassing himself" said Patterson. "If he thinks he is going to be a candidate for governor...better learn to control his temper, better learn work within the consensus of his own party."

Patterson's harsh words set off a firestorm of controversy, even Governor Snyder chimed in, calling for respect
Friday night.

Paterson took to Twitter to apology. In a tweet he said, "if I alienated some in the Jewish Community when I called the Speaker "Adolf" I was commenting on his leadership style. To those offended, I apologize'"

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