Lansing lawmakers running out of time to fix roads

(WXYZ) - Time is running out for Lansing lawmakers to approve funding to repair our broken roads.

In just three days, state leaders will leave for break and that has some drivers furious. Even the governor acknowledges it's the biggest issue for voters.

"For 2 years I've been saying if we were sitting around the kitchen table and saying if you look at our roads and you had our budget could we find some dollars for roads? Would've been done a long time ago," says Governor Snyder.

Now, drivers are signing our orange barrel with messages for Lansing. They want our leaders to come up with a billion dollars soon.

Lashanda Williams says "It's urgent. Very urgent. Not just in Warren but in Southfield and a whole bunch of areas."

Everett Norton says "They don't need to be going on any break, no tell them to stay in there."

"Realize that it's my vote that puts them there and if they want to stay, they need to take care of the roads and do what they're supposed to do" adds Donna Howell.

We'll be in Lansing all week working to get results. 

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