Windsor business destroyed in massive fire, smoke plumes seen in metro Detroit

(WXYZ) - Police say a large fire enveloped a warehouse in Windsor.

People reported seeing smoke from as far away as Mt. Clemens.

The Windsor Fire Department said it was an occupied industrial warehouse called Sprucewood Industries on the west end of the city.  The fire started just after 3 p.m.

The fire department says that large quantities of plastic were burning for hours.

Windsor Chief Fire Prevention Officer Lee Tome tells 7 Action News that the facility, made up of two large buildings, contained 100,000 pounds of plastics that caught fire.  The fumes are toxic, but officials do not know how dangerous they could be and have advised residents living nearby the area to stay indoors if they have trouble breathing or feel discomfort from the smoke or fumes.

Tome tells us 7 Action News that with the way blew today, residents here in southwest Detroit would be able to feel the effects of the fire.

"I was on the Lodge Freeway and saw a big cloud of black smoke," said Sheryle Rousseau.  She said the smoke felt just as bad as it looked.

"You know just a burning in your eyes, burning, in your nose, a little bit in the back of your throat," said Rousseau.  The southwest Detroit woman lives on Hubbard Street.  

"I knew it wasn't something that was normal, so you wonder, is this really noxious to breathe?" she said.

Tome said that anytime plastics were involved, especially various plastics from the warehouse, it was definitely a cause for concern, but so far they had not had any readings outside of normal range.  He said that if anyone in Detroit felt discomfort they should follow the same advice they had been telling their own residents, which was to close their windows and doors and turn off the air conditioning.

7 Action News did not find a lot of people in the Detroit area who could feel the smoke or fumes from the fire.

Officials are testing the air quality for short term and long term effects.  Crews have the fire under control and are expected to stay on the scene of the fire through the night.   There is still no known cause of the fire.

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