Lawmakers hold town hall to discuss roads

(WXYZ) - Whether you're hitting the roads on a skateboard or an SUV, drivers are fed up.

"I think it's a bunch of crap and I don't buy it," says 14-year-old Trevor Harrison.

People of all ages seem to be doubling down on doubt. Trevor and his dad, Matt Harrison, came out to a town hall in New Baltimore to hear from lawmakers who still haven't fixed the roads despite the public outcry.

"I was kind of disappointed, there was a lot of CYA. Finger pointing. They talk about not having the money and always want more money from us" says Matt Harrison. Gina Giordano adds "We pay very high taxes to live in New Baltimore and we just want our streets fixed."

To their credit, lawmakers were willing to face the music and listen to the complaints. They talked about the need for more funding. The Governor has called for a million more in annual funding. So far, lawmakers have passed just over 800 million for next year.

Both State Senator Phil Pavlov and State Representative Andrea LaFontaine pledged to work through the summer break to deliver results.

"We all agree we need a better solution but we also need to make sure we are using existing dollars we have as best as possible," says LaFontaine.

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