Lawsuit filed in tent incident on the Capitol lawn

(WXYZ) - Americans for Prosperity: Michigan announced they filed a police report through the Michigan State Police Capitol Post on Thursday afternoon.

They would like to see an investigation conducted into incidents that took place on the Capitol's lawn during protests Tuesday over the Michigan House of Representatives' vote on the Right To Work bills.

The group posted video on the internet of protestors tearing down a tent where several right to work activists were standing inside.

Americans For Prosperity Michigan said there could have been serious injuries.

"I went down to pick up my hat and someone punched me in the right ribs," said conservative activist Randall Thompson. "I turned around and put my arms up and they punched me twice in the left ribs."

Clint Tarver is not affiliated with a union or right to work supporters. He said he was just selling hot dogs inside the tent when all of his food was destroyed when the tent toppled over.

"It trampled my table, got rid of all of my restaurant equipment, my catering equipment, my buns, my hot dogs, my chili… all my food," said Tarver. "One guy even had the audacity to say ‘here, make a chili dog now'."

Several people standing on the lawn outside the State Capitol said there were several 911 calls made. According to them, no one responded.

American's for Prosperity: Michigan is calling for the state police to investigate what happened. They believe they had a right to have their voices heard Tuesday, too.

The group acknowledges there were some union leaders who tried to calm things down.

Meanwhile, Tarver said he could not believe some of the disrespect from protesters.

"They said I was on the wrong side. They called me uncle tom," said Tarver. "They called me the n-word…it was just crazy."

The group filed a police report with the Michigan State Police Capitol Post Thursday. 

They are hoping through the investigation to find who ever should be held accountable. A spokesperson for American's For Prosperity Michigan said there were thousands of dollars in damages.

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