Leo the puppy makes an amazing recovery

(WXYZ) - When lovable Leo, an adorable shepherd-mix puppy, was first brought to the Michigan Humane Society last August, he was starving and suffering from incredible neglect.

At the time he was rescued, Leo was trapped and crying for help. He was imprisoned 12 feet below the surface of a Detroit street, stuck and starving at the bottom of a storm sewer.

Leo was suffering from demodectic mange, stomach parasites, a horrible rash and starvation.

That was then.

But now all of that is behind him.

 Leo is running everywhere and bounding  up and down.

He's almost doubled his previous weight and most importantly, he's happy.

Leo is eating well and thanks to almost 2 months of private training with Master Dog Trainer Bonny Wainz, he's learned to take commands and directions well.

When Leo was first rescued, he had a tendency to nip at people especially  when they came near his food bowl,  but he's been trained not to do that anymore.

Yes, from starvation and sickness to a non-stop wagging tail, Leo has made an incredible recovery.

Now, he just needs a new home.

If you would like to adopt little Leo just email the Michigan Humane Society at mail@michiganhumane.org.

Leo will need a special family to care for him after all he has been through.

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