Letter written by Carlita Kilpatrick asks for money to send children to expensive private school

(WXYZ) - 7 Action News has obtained a letter written by Carlita Kilpatrick where she requests thousands of dollars to send their children to an expensive private school.

The letter is dated August 7, 2012 and was released by the Michigan Department of Corrections, which investigated Kwame Kilpatrick for failing to report cash he received from a Chicago pastor.

In an email Kilpatrick stated that he had turned the letter into the MDOC during their investigation into his parole violation. He also said that he and his wife did not receive any money in response to the letter which was sent to two people.

In Carlita's letter, she expresses that her family is enduring "extremely difficult struggles." She goes on to write that her children, Jelani and Jalil, "have not been exposed to the best educational environments." She states that she wants to send the children to a private academy called Prestonwood Christian Academy, but that they cannot afford the tuition.

According to Carlita, the tuition for the school is $33,000 for both of the children and she states that they are receiving $12,000 in financial aid. Toward the end of the letter, she then notes that the Kilpatrick family is still in need of $20,000 and goes on to ask for financial assistance.


Carlita Kilpatrick letter

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