Licenses pulled from Detroit body parts dealer

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News team has obtained documents that outline why Michigan and New York State suspended and terminated licenses of Arthur Rathburn who was President of International Biological. 

The feds raided the business that operated in a rundown warehouse on Detroit's east side in December. 

Michigan suspended Rathburn's Mortuary Science License, ordered him to cease and desist because the business did not have a funeral establishment license. 

Also, International Biological was not licensed and violated laws in the handling, custody and transportation of human body parts. 

Sources say body parts of 1,000 people were removed in December and were cut up. Arms, legs, and heads were not embalmed but kept on ice for use in science and live human tissue transplants.

New York State also terminated the Tissue Bank License to Rathburn and International Biological. 

Since the raid in December, the feds also raided a body donation program in Phoenix in January. Arizona authorities say it has ties to Rathburn.

This week, the feds obtained records from another similar business in Las Vegas. 

Rathburn is not charged with any crime and has refused to talk with 7 Action News including today.  Sources say the investigation will expand in the weeks ahead.  

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