Little support for passing Proposal 1 at forum hosted by the Oakland County Republican Party

LAKE ORION, Mich. (WXYZ) - Proposal 1 is backed by GOP Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican-led legislature, so you would think the party faithful would be on board, right?


“I have made my mind up,” said one woman inside a Lake Orion roads debate, hosted by the Oakland County GOP.

We were hard pressed to find supporters of the proposal.

“I just don’t see the money going for the roads,” said another attendee.

“I don’t think we need to raise the sales tax,” said another.

“Roads are the last issue they address,” said another woman.

One attendee already voted NO by absentee.

“I opened it. I looked at it. I circled no,” she said.

The mood at the debate seemed to mirror a recent poll, which found a majority of voters planning to vote down the measure. Those gathered, came to listen to not only opponents, but supporters as well, who did their best to convince a skeptical crowd to vote yes.

“It is the best thing we have come up with since 1997,” said Rep. Brad Jacobsen, (R).

But he admits, “It could have been simpler.”

Prop 1, which would increase the state sales tax by 1 percent to provide an extra billion or so in road funding, does include a lot of pork, for schools and local governments.

It goes up for a vote on May 5th.

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