Local Boy Scout honored for saving lives

(WXYZ) - David Williams hardly looks like a hero.

He looks like a typical 10-year-old as he plays in the snow with his friend Addy Hunter.

But if it hadn’t been for David’s quick thinking, Addy and her little brother Hayden might not be here today.

On March 16, 2013,  there wasn’t a lot of snow that day, but David, Addy and Hayden wanted to play on the ice.

They were going to build a snow fort and when Addy went to go get a shovel on the ice, she fell in. Her little brother, Hayden, fell in right behind her. 

David jumped into action, pulling them both out of the water and got help. 

The Boy Scouts of America awarded the 10-year-old scout with the  “Honor Medal with Crossed Palms”-- the highest award a scout can earn for saving a life at extreme risk to himself.

In nearly 90 years, only 277 out of 210 million scouts have earned this award.  

David is just glad Addy is around to play and like so many heroes, he doesn’t see himself that way.


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