Local gym to kick men out, create 'women-only' workout environment

(WXYZ) - Starting on April 8, a Taylor fitness club will be open exclusively for ladies while dozens of its male members will be shown the door.

"We are members here, we signed contracts and it's just not right," said member Jermaine Banks.

"They haven't given us a valid explanation about the reason they are doing it," said member Rey Balmaceda.

The gym will turn into an oasis for ladies,offering fitness and special programs unique to women's needs. Another one of its gyms in South Bend, Indiana will also transform, according to owners.

Currently, male members alternate workout days with female members at the gym, which the men tell 7 Action News allows them to have access to the club three days a week. 

"When we signed up, the club was saying they were open for males and females. So we expect them to honor the agreement that they did with us when we signed up for the membership," said Balmaceda.

A spokesperson for the fitness club told 7 Action News, research suggests there is a need for ladies to feel comfortable in a "women only" work-out environment.

Fitness USA said in a statement,  "Our male-members continue to be fully honored at our nearby Lincoln Park Club which offers a co-ed exercise every day and a full pool and spa area."

According to Fitness USA, they plan to deal with individual concerns on a case-by-case basis and would like to work with frustrated customers. 

Those adjustments do not sit well with male members.

"I'm frustrated because now I've got to relocate to a new gym to work out and it's just ridiculous," said Banks.

"It's an inconvenience because the people who bought [the membership], they live around here and they have to travel farther away now," said Balmaceda.

Dozens of male members say the gym is discriminating against them based on their gender.

They will be fighting back with a protest on April 9.

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