Local man featured on The View for one of the hottest new toys

(WXYZ) - You may have seen it featured on "The View" on Friday.  A new bracelet maker is being called one of the hottest new toys at this year's Toy Fair. 

What you may not know, is that it was invented by a local business.

The Choose Friendship Company is a Clinton Township toy company.  It got its start when two girls interrupted their grandpa's football game and asked him to help them make friendship bracelets. He chose friendship over football.

"They brought over embroidery floss. We're trying to untangle it all," said David Crorey, the grandpa. "...we're all frustrated, especially papa."

"He said there has got to be a better way," explained his daughter, Julie Karwowicz.

The next thing she knew he had made a wooden toy for her kids.  It organized the embroidery floss, prevented tangling, and made following a friendship bracelet pattern simple.

The family presented it at a toy fair four years ago, and it took off. Now, Crorey family business is offering more toys. It has gone global - almost by accident.

The View recognized one of its new toys, The My Image Bracelet Maker.  It allows kids to use a free I-Phone app to make stickers or pictures. They are then pasted onto a relatively high-tech friendship bracelet.

You can buy The Choose Friendship Company's toys at local toy shops, on QVC and in big name stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

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